5 Body Treatments You Should Offer at Your Salon Right Now

Bare-all weather is here which means it’s time to up your salon’s body treatment game. Here are five of the best services you should offer your clients right now, so they are ready to shine by summertime.


1. Contouring Body Wrap

A contouring body wrap is a holistic, natural approach to loosing inches, detoxifying the skin, and helping to eliminate those dreaded cellulite lumps and bumps. There are two ways to promote contouring body wraps: long term treatment goals best for those looking support changes they are making with diet and fitness (contouring body wraps will help support those efforts and achieve results sooner), and short-term results for special events (quickly loose inches to fit into that dress).

A compression wrap is done with plastic wrap and products designed to bring circulation to areas that have a buildup of waste and need more stimulation. It’s important to remember while losing inches might be your client’s goal, this process is really about detoxification. The Tuel Contouring Body Wrap uses three products: Wrap Cream, Intensify Pro and Relax Botanical Booster, all designed to increase circulation, decrease puffiness, and help eliminate cellulite.

Post-treatment, sell clients the Body Polish Kit, Botanical Blast, Shape Shifter and Triple Splash Hydrating Serum for daily home use, as it helps them achieve faster results.


2. Slimming Body Treatment

An alternate to body contouring, this treatment increases circulation, which improves the stimulation of lymph flow and helps revitalize the skin. Like a contouring body wrap, you’ll apply products to problem areas and then wrap with inexpensive plastic wrap. Tuel products used in this treatment include: Wrap Cream, Intensify, Power Scrub Ultra Fine Polishing Paste, Relax Essential Oil and Triple Splash Hydrating Body Serum. As with any wrap appointment have them arrive in loose fitting, comfortable clothes, set expectations for the treatment and results upfront (this is not a massage), and educate about proper home care using Tuel body products to maintain results.


3. Breast Treatment + Facial

Many women have brown, sun damaged spots on their chest from one too many summer days in the sun. Throw in some wrinkles as they age and suddenly that area is making clients look older than they really are. Well, there’s a treatment for that. Consider adding a Breast Treatment + Facial as part of your services. In addition to your normal facial treatment, you’ll focus on the bust area which includes the entire décolleté, breasts, 3 inches below the breast and the sides of the breasts towards treatment table. When concentrating on the bust area, you’ll use a similar process as the slimming wrap, working the breast treatment in with your facial process.


4. Scrub + Mud Treatment

Designed to exfoliate and add hydration to the skin through the mud treatment, this is easy to do in your salon room since no shower is needed for the treatment. Other than getting rid of dead skin cells, regular exfoliating treatments will increase skin’s radiance, clarity and youthfulness, and by exfoliating first, the skin is ready to absorb all the benefits of the mud treatment. Start by exfoliating the body with Power Scrub, mixing with water and gently applying. Then we like to mix two products to make our mud treatment, Desert Clay which is very hydrating (unusual for mud clays, most are just detoxifying and re-mineralizing), and Moisture Plus Mask (also a Tuel facial product), which makes the mud creamy and rich. Once you rinse, finish with Triple Splash Hydrating Body Serum and Botanical Blast Body Lotion.


5. Detox Dry Brushing

This is an easy technique with several health benefits. Working to exfoliate dead skin cells, this treatment invigorates all major systems of the body including the lymph, circulatory, nervous and digestive systems while also stimulating major organs. A gentle form of massage using sterilized and firm dry brushes (often made from plant fibers such as cactus). The treatment will slough away dead skin cells, making any following treatments more effective. It also can reduce the look of cellulite and tighten the skin while leaving it soft. Like the other treatments, at home care using Tuel Body Products is important to stay consistent with the look and feel of the skin.