How the Pandemic is Shaping Eyebrow Trends

Early 2021 eyebrow trends are out and they are being strongly influenced by the pandemic—with low-maintenance approaches leading the way as trends focus on a more natural look. Beauty insiders are saying brow shape in the coming year also depends on how long you had to go without an eyebrow wax appointment. As we all adapted to six months or more in lockdown, how you feel about your brows could have gone one of two ways—you’re committed to the natural look, or you can’t wait to get them under control. So wondering how eyebrow trends are shaping up for 2021? Here are a few of the most popular looks you’ll see in the next year.


Trend 1: Leave the Waxing to the Pros

Who else is ready to get back to the salon (safely of course)? Probably one of the biggest eyebrow trends for 2021 is everyone will be tired of trying to keep up with their beauty routine on their own. Waxing services by reputable salons will be important as people will be more than ready to leave their waxing treatments to the pros.


Trend 2: Bushy Brows

This one isn’t too surprising. Post-pandemic, you can expect bushy brows will stay on trend in 2021, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be professionally waxed. This look still requires cleaning up the edges and some shaping. Brushed up brows will also stay popular, as many are wanting to embrace their natural look.


Trend 3: Skin and Texture 

Expect to see less powder and well-defined shapes on brows, along with more skin. Ditch your powders and pencils and let that skin show through. Just like with the bushy brow style, you’ll still want to get your brows professionally shaped. Texture in the brows will also stay hot, so look for “fluffy” brows with just a hint of skin showing through.