How To Talk To Clients About The Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic’s kind of a big deal right now and you might be getting a lot of questions from your clients about it. What we love about an ingredient this effective is it gives professionals an opportunity to discuss the benefits of adding it to their skincare routine. So, if you’re getting lots of questions on hyaluronic acid, we’ve definitely got some answers. Read on for some tips on how to talk to your clients about the benefits of skincare’s one-ingredient wonder.

Simply put, hyaluronic acid pretty much does it all. Hydrates, tightens, protects, smooths, and reduces signs of aging such as fine lines and pigmentation. Oh, and it also stimulates cell growth. It might just be a skincare miracle. Best used in a serum form, encourage clients to apply it once or twice a day to the face and neck, followed by a skin-type specific moisturizer. So how does it work?

  • Hydrates: Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, primarily in the joints, acting as a lubricant to cushion and protect. As a skincare ingredient, it holds up to 5,000 times its molecular weight in water by attracting and holding on to moisture in the skin cells. Just think of it as a tall drink of water for the skin.
  • Reduces Signs of Aging: Sagging skin lacking elasticity is probably one of the biggest skincare concerns you hear from your clients. As they age, their skin loses collagen in both the face and neck areas. While hyaluronic acid won’t replace collagen, it will add moisture which helps skin look tighter, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. And if hyperpigmentation is an issue, talk to them about mixing a serum containing hyaluronic acid with one that has vitamin C to brighten and reduce skin discoloring.
  • Stimulates Cell Growth: One of the most exciting things about hyaluronic acid is it not only takes care of issues that are already there, but it can help stimulate new cell growth. Because it is proven to help quickly heal wounds, applying externally binds with the skin, keep it hydrated and healthy which then leads to new cell growth.