Leave The Pumpkin To The Pie This Year: Try This Peel Instead

It’s definitely peel season, and with the cold, dry weather, we can bet you’re getting questions from clients about how to get fresher, more glowing skin this fall. You may even have them asking about the benefits of pumpkin and the skin. (Why not? Everything else has pumpkin in it now, right?) And while pumpkin does have some benefits for the skin, we say leave it to the pie this fall and try one of our absolute favorite solutions which relies on fruit instead. If it’s rapid radiance you are looking for, then an enzyme peel exfoliating mask is the way to go. There are honestly so many reasons to love this product, but here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Made with oil-absorbing kaolin clay, it dissolves the surface layer of keratinized skin with the gentle resurfacing properties of papain and bromelain—two fruit enzymes known for their hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Plant-based exfoliators refine the appearance of enlarged pores for smoother, brighter skin in minutes.
  • It also includes Silk and Aloe Powder, which helps alleviate dryness, reduce redness, and prevent acne.
  • They are gentle, yet incredibly effective in removing the buildup of dead skin. Supple, glowing skin is immediately visible, and there is no downtime after an enzyme peel.
  • Skin that is exfoliated is smoother and softer, which means greater absorption of cleansers, masks, and makeup.

And if you want to look for a way to make that Enzyme Peel treatment even more effective just in time for the holiday season? Try this tip from our Tuel Pros: Boost your Enzyme Peel with Glycolic Solution and a little water to make a creamy paste to brighten the skin. Finish with Moisture Plus Mask, Lift Up and Super Soothe mixed together to hydrate, rejuvenate, and calm skin that has “fallen” into the season’s change.