Yes They're Worth It. Why Professional Products Are Better

When your clients come to you for their professional appointment and you ask what they’ve been using on their skin or to wax, we’re pretty sure most say something they bought in a drugstore. As a professional, you know the products you use are better for their skin, but how do you sell the benefits, and why are they important? Read on and discover five reasons professional is better, how to explain this to your clients, and a few tips on how to grow your “salon take-home” business. 

The reality is Amazon, retailers and the Ulta’s of the world have created a watered-down version of professional product sales. As people spend more time researching products on their own, how do you convincingly educate your clients about the benefits of professional salon products? The truth is store-bought brands are watered down versions designed for mass production. Let’s start with why purchasing professional products from you is best: 

  • Salon products have a higher volume of active ingredients.
  • Salon products are more concentrated so you need less product and get the best results.
  • Salon products are perfectly balanced; they act like a prescription addressing specific skin needs.
  •  Salon products are guaranteed.
  • Salon products are recommended based on your personal skin issues from your professional. No guessing what will work where. 

Professionals love to talk about the product lines they use because they are educated about how they work, why they do what they do, and know all about the ingredients. Your clients trust you and your professional ability and knowledge. They expect you to know what they need—and it’s up to you to recommend not only products but techniques and tricks for how to use these products so they are the most effective. When it comes to sales, one of the biggest reasons to sell product is to build client loyalty. Studies have shown that a client that purchases product from you will remain a client longer. Why? Because they have built trust with you and they understand you know what is best for their personal skincare routine.