You and Waxing on a Break? Here’s How to Get Ready to Go Back

Things have definitely gotten a lot hairier over the last year so to speak. Now that the break is over, it’s time to ditch that all-natural beauty aesthetic and start waxing again. Here’s how to get your salon—and your clients—ready to go back to wax.


Your Salon: Organize + Update

Organize: Getting your salon, appointment calendar, and products fully stocked and organized will save you a ton of time once things open back up. Demand will be high and it’s important to have a solid plan before opening those doors. From pre-opening communication with clients, to making sure your salon and staff are ready to operate under COVID-19 guidelines, you’ll want to try these suggestions to ensure everything, including their skin is smooth.

  • Check local and state guidelines for reopening and visit the CDC website for overall guidance. Be prepared to answer questions from clients about what you are doing to keep the salon, yourself, and them safe.
  • Purchase inventory (this includes COVID-19 approved disinfectants, hand sanitizer, and disposable masks) and check your equipment. Understand how waxing has changed in the last year, and make sure you are prepared to answer questions about new demands, services and styles. This will also help you better understand what to expect when it comes to staffing needs.
  • Re-evaluate your services and pricing (don’t forget to budget for any new COVID-19 related costs).
  • Make sure you and/or your staff is prepared to deal with the sudden influx of clients who have anxiously awaited the opportunity to return. You should also be prepared to answer any frequently asked questions when it comes to COVID-19 protocols smoothly and confidently.

Update: As you get ready to get back to work, use the time to update and perfect  your waxing technique with hands-on trainings. Berodin Wax offers a wide range of professional classes and training, one-on-one consultations, and informal training videos via YouTube or IGTV that offer opportunities for you to make sure your waxing expertise is nothing short of ready, set, go. You can download Berodin’s full 2021 class schedule here.  


Your Clients: Communicate + Prepare

Communicate: Prepare a communication strategy that leverages your email database, social media accounts, and your website. Even as a service-oriented business, a strong digital game can boost your presence during a post-pandemic world. Consider also updating the home page of your website, add an appointment scheduling feature, and update any services, pricing information, and COVID-19 safety standards for your salon. It’s also important to let you clients know what to expect when they do arrive for their appointment, policies on walk-in appointments, payments, masks, etc.

Prepare: Pre-opening is an ideal opportunity to remind clients of proper pre and post-wax appointment care. Reach out to them via email with reminders on what they should be doing to prepare for their appointment and get the most out of their wax treatment. Tips should emphasize hair growth (3-4 weeks is ideal), remind them to gently exfoliate, and ensuring the skin is moisturized leading up to their first appointment.