4 Reasons Why a Body Exfoliation Kit Will Elevate Any Wax Experience

Clients all want bump-free skin and one of the best ways to get it pre-and post-wax is to exfoliate. So why not make it easy on them with an all-in-one body exfoliation kit? Gently exfoliating the body, feet and hands on a regular basis will create a noticeable difference which will  improve their skin pre-and post-wax. Soon they’ll see smooth, soft skin is here to stay. 


Reason #1: It will leave their skin refreshed and clean.

While there is a natural process to shedding skin, it happens in a constant, regenerative cycle and the efficiency of this process depends on a number of factors including age, skin type, the products being used and the environment. Naturally, the process isn’t 100 percent perfect and it can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This is where a body exfoliation kit can make the difference overall. Body exfoliation can allow the skin to absorb moisturizer better, prevent ingrown hairs, and leave the skin smoother and more even. 


Reason #2: Pre-wax prep makes a difference in bump-free skin.

Exfoliating the areas they have waxed or are going to have waxed daily leading up their appointment using a gentle body exfoliation kit will cleanse the skin of toxins, remove dead skin cells and keep the hair soft. Removing the dead skin allows the hair to be released easier as opposed to breaking off and/or becoming ingrown. Some pre-wax exfoliation tips you can share with your clients include: 

  • Pre-wax exfoliation tips: Exfoliate daily in between wax appointments by gently scrubbing from the neck down, focusing on any dry, flaky areas as well as waxed areas. 
  • After showering, be sure to use a well-formulated body lotion made with vitamins and botanicals (e.g. plant-based oils or butters) to keep the skin moisturized and in good condition.
  • Remind them to avoid bar soaps of any kind, even those that are glycerin based. Some bar soaps will leave a residue on the skin that can contribute to ingrown hairs

Reason #3: The post-wax benefits are real.

If clients are serious about avoiding any ingrown hairs post-wax, exfoliating is a must. They should begin exfoliating the skin 24 hours after any wax appointment, using the same body wash and exfoliating gloves, focusing on waxed areas. This will also help the hair point up and grow in the right direction—out from the skin.


Reason #4: Improves the skin tone overall. 

Beyond waxing, regular body exfoliation has other benefits for the skin that will leave your clients feeling beautiful and confident. Some bonus benefits include: 

  • Encourages skin rejuvenation: by removing any dead skin cells, exfoliating promotes the healthy rejuvenation of skin, making it look fresh and velvety soft. 
  • Helps the skin to absorb skin care products: after thoroughly scrubbing the body and clearing away any dead skin cell build-up, the skin is able to better absorb body lotions. or creams, allowing them to penetrate deeper and enhance the moisturizing experience.
  • Evens out the skin: by keeping the pores clean and unclogged, body exfoliation kits already do wonders for maintaining smooth skin. With the removal of dead skin and therefore encouraging skin rejuvenation, the skin appears more even, with a noticeable reduction in body blemishes.
  • Promote circulation: as is true of all massaging experiences, body exfoliation also helps promote blood circulation to keep the skin looking healthy and retain its elasticity.