5 of Our Favorite Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments for Professionals


What’s the number one skincare concern for your clients? We can bet it’s anything that has to do with anti-aging. Ensure time is on their side with five of what we consider the best anti-aging treatments out there—developed and tested by our Tuel Pros. Because while your clients can’t rewind the clock, they can take steps to reduce the effects aging has on the skin. Be sure to add these skin rejuvenating treatments to your menu of services and you’ll help them on their journey towards beautiful skin at any age. Want to learn first hand how the Tuel Pros do it? Sign up for these exclusive training classes.  


1. Anti-Aging Basics: Mature Skin Facial

This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, lifts and nourishes the skin thanks to powerful botanicals such as Coenzyme Q10, Algae Extract, Kaolin Clay, Carrot Seed Oil, Jojoba and vitamin C. It combines the benefits of an anti-aging milk cleanser, with the powerful skin prepping results found only with double cleansing. Follow by applying a skin type appropriate eye product around the eye and lip areas. Refine the skin with an enzyme peel formulated with Pepain and Bromelain that dissolves the surface layer of keratinized skin with gentle resurfacing properties. Nourish with our favorite essential oil blend rich in antioxidants including Cypress and Carrot Seed to deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Then finish with Vitamin C and hydrating serums, spot treat any blemishes and then apply sun protection


2. Tissue Oxygenating Treatment

Ideal for skin with poor color or circulation, tissue oxygenation treatments can help reduce fine lines, increase hydration and brighten skin tone. Start by using an anti-aging milk or gel cleanser and then follow with a double cleansing system to achieve that deep cleanse action all skin benefits from and needs. Rinse, then follow with an eye treatment, covering eyes with cotton pads soaked in warm water while applying Relax Essential Oil to neck and shoulders. Next apply the proper essential oil blend , following with Intensify on the face, neck and décolleté. Massage in a hydrating serum with an appropriate cream, adding water if necessary to create slip. Treat the skin by applying Intensify mixed with a clay mask, herbal toner and Super Soothe cream. Leave on for 10 minutes before removing with room temp water. Finish with a Vitamin C serum, cream, soothing treatment and sun protection.


3. Glycolic Treatment

One of the best ways to exfoliate the skin, speed up cell turnover and boost collagen production, this treatment will smooth the skin, reduce pores and improve skin tone. It is highly recommended that clients use Power Peel and Hydrate for at least two weeks prior to the first professional treatment. The recommended series is one glycolic treatment a week for six weeks, up to three times a year. Like other treatments, start with a milk or gel cleanser and then follow with double cleansing and an eye treatment prior to applying Relax Essential Oil to neck and shoulders. For the first two treatments, use mask brush to mix 1 teaspoon of Enzyme Peel with 1/3 teaspoon Glycolic Solution and 2/3 teaspoon water in a bowl. Protect clients’ eyes with damp cotton eye pads. Working quickly, apply the mixture to the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the upper eyelids and applying to the cheek area last. Leave the mixture on for 2–7 minutes, depending on the thickness of skin. Use steam to keep mixture moist. Medium to thick skin may be gently brushed. As you move into the additional treatments decrease the water and increase the Glycolic Solution. Keep the time limit the same. Rinse well with warm water. Remove with barber wrap. Finish by applying C Power, Hydrate Super Serum and Daily Protect. 


4. Salicylic/Lactic Peel

Peels are appropriate for acne, anti-aging or moderate skin resurfacing, and will help with dehydrated skin, sun damage and acne-scarring.  Be sure you are familiar with clients’ skin prior to treatment. Peels may be done as a series, once a week for up to six weeks or monthly as maintenance. Start by determining the thickness of your client’s skin and preparing your method of neutralization, then cleanse the skin as you would in a normal facial using a milk or gel cleanser and then the double cleansing method. Follow with treating the eyes and lip area. Apply Relax Essential Oil to the neck and shoulders. Begin  the peel process by applying 10 drops of peel on a moistened cotton round. Quickly apply to face and neck, working from chin to forehead to cheek area. Do neck last. Décolleté may be done as well and will take an additional 10 drops. You may see frosting of skin and instant discoloration. Leave on up to 5 minutes. Follow by neutralizing with your chosen method. If doing full facial, extract. Massage with Hydrate Super Serum and Rescue Cream, adding water for slip. Follow by calming the skin by applying a  final mask and leave on for 10 minutes—we recommend Super Soothe. Finish with a Vitamin C serum, cream, soothing treatment, eye treatment and sun protection. 


5. Glamour Eyes Treatment

The Glamour Eye Treatment is beneficial for anyone who needs a little brightening, lightening, or tightening around the eyes. Performed as an add on to any of your anti-aging services, this treatment is the key to fresh and renewed eyes. Once skin is thoroughly cleansed, make a light paste with Enzyme Peel and Power Scrub, then gently exfoliate the area around and under the eyes. Remove with water and sponges or barber warp. Apply Eye Corrector, Fresh Eyes, then Eye Revive to the entire eye area. Massage the area for 5 minutes with a layer of Rescue Cream boosted with 1 drop of Rescue Essential Oil, then apply a layer of Lift Up Firming Mask. Cover eyes with cotton pads soaked in hot water and allow to set for 5 minutes or more. Rinse thoroughly and add another layer of Eye Corrector, Fresh Eyes and Eye Revive. Sales Tip: Send clients home with the Killer Eye Kit to maintain results between facials.