Battle of the Brows: Skinny vs. Full Eyebrow Trends

We all know trends come and go, even when it comes to eyebrows. Now that brows are a higher profile beauty priority, it’s more important than ever to get them right. So, what’s next in our post-pandemic eyebrow world? Word on the street is skinny brows are coming back stronger than a 90s trend, but where does that leave those full, fluffy brows we’ve all been growing out? Let’s look at where eyebrow trends are headed, and how to ensure you as a wax professional are ready to guide your clients through what’s next.


Skinny or Full?

The truth is 2021 eyebrow trends are really all about working with what you have. Full, bushy brows or naturally thin, it’s all okay. When it comes to full brows, just call the pandemic inspired look an organized mess—full and natural yet still trimmed, waxed, brushed and styled with gel. As a wax professional, you were probably excited to see fuller, less shapely brows once salons reopened. More to work with means more opportunity to create a look that really accentuates your clients features. And could it be that the pandemic cured us all from the dreaded “over-plucking?” 2020 was proof that we could all transition from skinny, penciled in brows, to those that are thick and full—and even like it. The key to the full brow look is maintenance, so be sure to get your clients on a waxing schedule and encourage pre and post-wax care.


But what if your clients have naturally thinner brows? Trends right now are all about helping embrace what they’ve got and encourage them to stop wasting their time each morning drawing on those full, bushy brows. Instead, find the perfect shape for their face (reminding them it’s always a good idea to stick to the natural shape of their eyebrows), and get their brows cleaned and fluffed up. The goal here is if their brows are naturally thin, help them realize it’s much more flattering to enhance what they’ve got vs. trying to achieve a full brow.


From thin to bushy, brushed up to straight, post-lockdown eyebrow trends in 2021—just like skincare routines—are all about doing what’s best for your client. And since they accentuate the eyes, shape the face, and even play a role in communication, getting eyebrows right is probably one of the most important things you can do for your client’s face.