Double Cleansing Explained: Benefits + Tips for Pros

Let’s give credit where credit is due. The most important step in any skincare routine us washing the face. And no, we aren’t talking about a quick wipe-down with those convenient, yet environmentally unfriendly and useless makeup wipes. Change the face washing dialogue with your clients by educating them on the benefits of double cleansing. It is, after all, the best way to help their skin clean up after a day of battling all the harsh bacteria it faces out in the world. So, let’s get real about everything your clients need to know about the right way to wash their face. 


Designed to remove sweat, bacteria and old skin cells, double cleansing uses two steps to not only clean but exfoliate the skin. Consisting of a deep pore cleansing oil which bonds with the natural oils in the skin to wash away makeup and bacteria, and an herbal toner that exfoliates and gets in deep to remove any impurities.


There are a few tips and tricks to ensure the most effective outcome when double cleansing. Let them know this process works best when applied with dry hands on a dry face. Then add the toner over the cleansing oil, using cool water to gently emulsify until it turns milky white, then rinse. And here’s a Tuel Pro Tip: Cleansing Duos are also great from removing eye makeup and conditioning lashes.


While that quick swipe with a makeup wipe might seem like enough especially after a long day, but the only real way to prep the skin to absorb serums, moisturizers, and any other leave-on products is a nighttime double cleanse. It is truly the best way to ensure your skin is completely clean from bacteria and makeup. Translation? It’s the only way to give your skin cells the best chance at regenerating overnight.


Using the right products for their skin type will go a long way in the results your clients see. Help your clients find their true skin type first and then make a recommendation for the proper cleansing duo.