Go Vegan + Get Glowing: 3 Ways It Will Change Your Skin

At Tuel, we are passionate about all things natural, healthy and vegan. That’s why we believe being good to your skin means being good to the planet and all its creatures...so everything we make is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and bunny-friendly. And when it comes to our skincare products, we always use high concentrations of the most powerful plant extracts the planet has to offer that feed your skin from the outside in. So if you are thinking about going vegan like us, here are three ways it will change your skin.

1. Reduce Inflammation

Eliminating meat and dairy from your diet also eliminates all those hormones, which lead to inflammation in the body. You’re also eating a lot more good fats from foods such as avocados and olive oil which decrease the amount of damage to the skin. Throw in those vegan diet, high-protein pillars nuts, and seeds that are full of Vitamin E, and you are on your way to decreasing inflammation and increasing your body’s natural antioxidant levels. This all leads to a positive impact on your skin.


2. That dewy glow

One of the biggest (and quickest) ways going vegan will change your skin is its texture. It will feel more moisturized, softer, and the texture will improve...giving it a notable glow. So much so, you might even consider going makeup-free.


3. You’ll sleep better

Getting a full eight hours of sleep at night will definitely help heal your skin. And many people who eat a plant-based diet say they sleep better at night, and have more energy during the day. Digestion is the key...vegetables, legumes and soy products are typically easier to digest.