How To Build + Maintain Your Brazilian Wax Clientele

You’ve started your own waxing business...good for you. In fact, the waxing industry is growing at an unbelievable rate and is expected to grow by almost 5% by 2021. So how do you get a piece of all that waxing action and grow your Brazilian wax client base? From proper training, using the right products, and of course, emphasizing before and aftercare, here are a few ways you will grow and most importantly keep your Brazilian wax clients.


We believe proper training is everything. Your technique, approach to wax care, and customer care are all part of what will keep those clients coming back. Brazilians are one of the most popular (and personal) wax services requested, so technique here is everything. Skilled wax technicians are efficient in their approach, offer a pre-consultation, and carefully discuss follow-up care...all of which goes a long way in making your clients comfortable when it comes to a Brazillian wax.

Hard Or Soft? Know The Difference.

There’s a time and place for both, but when it comes to Brazilians, hard wax is the only way to go. Your job is to let your clients know that only the best professionals know when to use each one. Ideal for coarse hair and sensitive areas, hard wax is fast, efficient, and surprisingly gentle...everything you want when doing a Brazilian treatment. And it’s true, most do end up finding it less painful. Oh, and did you know? Our Berodin wax is applied over oil so the skin is even less traumatized by the treatment.

Before And After Wax Care

Outside of your technique, before and after treatment care is a chance for you to set yourself apart as a skilled wax professional. Saying goodbye to pain, bumps, and post-wax breakouts is important with any wax treatment, but especially with your Brazilian clientele. Recommend (and supply) a body exfoliation kit that includes an all-natural body wash and exfoliating gloves for soothing treatment that will also properly prepare them for their wax appointment.