Here’s How You Treat Eczema the Tuel Way

If your clients are talking to you about dry, itchy skin with a rash that feels scaly, it’s possible they have eczema, and they are seeking your advice to get their skin on track. Giving their skin a fighting chance is easy with this powerful salon treatment that will soothe and calm their skin. But before you can treat their skin, you need to understand it. Check out these tips on how to identify and treat eczema first in the salon and then at home that will have your clients love their skin in no time.


What is Eczema?

A chronic, inflammatory skin disease that is reoccurring, eczema requires ongoing management to prevent flare ups. Caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors, many people diagnosed have a gene mutation that keeps the skin from maintaining a healthy barrier. 

Often found as a rash all over the body, or in “hot spots” such as creases, folds in the neck, inner elbows and back of knees, eczema can be a seasonal issue, as people often suffer outbreaks in the fall and winter months when the skin barrier dries out and becomes more reactive to allergens. A flare up will typically begin with itchy skin and when scratched creates red, scaly rashes that sometimes can lead to blisters. A regular skincare routine for the entire body is important in taking care of the issue long term. 


Effective Salon Treatments From Our Pros

The Tuel Pros have come up with a few treatments to help get your clients skin headed in the right direction. 

  • Treatment 1: Cleansing Duo + C Power + Hydrate + Clear It + Super Soothe
    • Start with a deep pore cleansing duo that is right for their skin type. The cleansing oil will release the dead skin while the herbal toner hydrates. . Once your skin is clean, add serums starting with C Power which brightens, fights aging, heals and protects. Then follow that with Hydrate which will instantly infuse the skin with essential hydration. Add some Clear It to help calm irritation, and help prevent bacteria on areas where the surface of the skin is broken. Follow with Super Soothe, a calming mask that uses Canadian willow bark, arnica and lavender to help improve redness by 40-60% in just three minutes. Pro tip: With your mask, try mixing the Desert Clay, Detox Clay Mask, and Super Soothe together to calm the behaviors of eczema. 
  • Treatment 2: Detox + Desert Clay
    • Add a few drops of the Detox Healing Essential Oil to Desert Clay Mask to help with balance and to heal the skin. Detox Essential Oil uses a blend of tea tree, cedarwood and palmarosa to deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins and nutrients that help heal the skin while minimizing the appearance of scarring and calm inflamed spots. When mixed with the Desert Clay Mask, it maximizes the detoxing effect on the skin while hydrating and soothing the protective skin barrier affected by eczema. 


At Home Treatments for Ongoing Success

Offer these at home tips to your clients so they can continue to address their eczema flare ups. 

  • Serums: After cleansing, they should add serums starting with C Power which gives the appearance of brighter, more even skin while strengthening. Then follow that with Hydrate which will instantly infuse the skin with hydration to give skin a smooth, plump-looking appearance. They can also add Clear It to help calm irritation and address bacteria.
  • If they suffer from eczema on their body, recommend using Green Clean and Triple Splash before finishing with Botanical Blast at home. 
  • Eczema around the hairline? Have them try a mix of Clear It and Super Soothe 2 in 1 Calming Mask
  • Scalp eczema? Massage some Post Wax Essential Oil into the scalp to promote healing and calming the skin.