Here's How To Use A Serum During A Facial

As an esthetician professional, you know the value of using a serum during a facial and talking to your clients about adding it into their skincare routine. With more than 25% active, all-natural ingredients, serums are one of the best ways to get results when clients are looking to even tone, reduce fine lines, brighten, firm, or reduce dark spots. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret, there’s a right way to use serums in your facials. From nourishing the skin with massage, and of course in the final step, here’s how to use serums according to the Customized Tuel Facial.

Four Steps To Success

The Customized Tuel Facial starts with four steps: cleanse, refine, nourish, and finish. Each step is designed to set the skin up for success in the next phase, and serums are a big part of the process. You should always start with an understanding of what your client wants to accomplish for the skin, what stage their skin is in, and what they can tolerate. Then after the skin is clean and prepared following a two-step deep pore cleansing system, you can begin the nourish phase.

Use The Serum to Massage

Here’s the first thing that really sets a Tuel Facial apart...we begin the nourish phase by massaging our most popular serum product, Hydrate, into the skin. Put a serum layer down before beginning the massage, and then follow with a cream product that is correct for your client’s skin type. With a Tuel Facial, we do not use massage oil, instead, this combination of a serum (Hydrate) and a cream, combined with a little water on your fingers to create slip, allows you to provide a relaxing massage while doing something beneficial for your client’s skin.

Leave On For Maximum Effect

Then in the final stage of a Tuel Facial, you’ll work your leave-in products into the skin. Start by adding products according to thickness...starting with the thinnest first, which are your serums. We recommend using C Power on all skin types. It’s amazing for the skin, stabilizes the pigment, brightens, and fights aging. Then add some additional Hydrate (not as much as in the massage), but you can never underestimate the power of the moisturizing and plumping qualities it offers. As you are finishing your treatment, be sure to give the serums a few minutes to soak in and work their magic before moving on. Add an eye treatment (all good facials have an eye treatment), and don’t forget to use your eye product on the lips. Then finish with a daily suncare product to always, always protect the skin.