Morning to Night, Here’s How to Keep Your Salon Running Smoothly

At Berodin you know we take the business of waxing seriously—from products to ideas for managing your business, we are true partners all the way. That’s why sharing a few tips and tricks from the Wax Queen herself can definitely change the way you work. And since time is money, just think of this as your morning to night salon care routine that will keep you waxing at peak performance all day, every day.

PM Prep:

Each night after you are done with your appointments, we recommend you do the following to set yourself up for success the next day:

  • Clean and prepare your room and salon for your upcoming appointments. Do your laundry onsite or prepare to bring it home with you. This includes cleaning your warmer and adding fresh wax beads for the next day.
  • Check inventory and restock your professional and retail products. This will make it easy to transition between clients and promote additional retail sales.
  • File client intake forms from that day, make any necessary notes.
  • Pull client forms for the next day and call to confirm appointments (you can do this two days in advance as well).

AM Prep:

Because you took the time the night before to get things in order, your AM prep should be simple and easy, giving you time instead to focus on caring for your clients. Each morning we recommend:

  • Put laundry away and set up room and salon.
  • Review files for your appointments or prepare client intake forms for new clients.
  • Remember to wipe your warmer and room down after each client.

All the Time Prep:

Here’s a pro tip that will make all the difference in your waxing world. Have your Berodin warmer plugged into an appliance timer. Then set the timer to turn the wax on an hour before you will need it and off an hour after the last appointment for the day. This way you will never have to adjust the temperature and your wax is always ready.