Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes: 4 Tips From The Pros

The eyes definitely have it...the ability to age you ten years if you aren’t careful. We bet you have many clients asking you about eye puffiness on a regular basis...why it happens, how to get rid of it, and of course how to stop it from coming back for good. We get it, that’s why we put together a list of four things you should talk to your clients about when it comes to those pesky, puffy eyes.

1. You are what you eat (and drink)

Red wine might be good for the heart, but it’s not so good for the eyes. The inflammation sugar causes can wreak serious havoc. Red wine can also be a problem because many people are allergic, (they may not even realize it) causing a slight reaction which leads to swelling. Other tips? Watch salt intake: sodium causes the body to hold onto fluid...and of course, their best line of defense is always to drink water to flush out those toxins.

2. Get some shut-eye

While most associate dark eye circles with a lack of sleep, puffiness can also happen if you get less than seven hours of rest. Put the screens down and focus on relaxing and committing to at least eight hours a night. Not getting enough rest? Here’s a tip: avoid rubbing the eyes in the morning...this can pull the delicate skin around the eyes and contribute to redness and swelling.

3. Moisturize

A good moisturizer plumps, refreshes, and soothes tired, puffy skin. When it comes to products, recommend a lightweight lotion they can wear under concealer that uses natural products such as anise oil to reduce puffiness or vitamin C to brighten the area.

4. Chill out

Everyone knows cold reduces inflammation and can be a good solution if clients wake up with a puffy eye emergency. Cold spoons, tea bags, cucumbers, and cool eye masks all work, and are easy to store in the freezer.