Try Our Post-Holiday Skincare Detox Plan

Now that the holidays are over, we can bet you're getting a lot of messages from clients saying “What the heck just happened to my skin?” The reality is they are probably tired, have overindulged just a bit, and are dealing with cold, blustery temps...all of which can leave their skin dull, dry, and red. That’s why now is the time to talk to them about setting a new skincare routine for 2019 and help them transform their skin back to its pre-holiday glow.

Start with a clean slate.

Talk to your clients about starting with a good skin cleanse. One of the best things they can do for their skin in 2019 is to learn how to properly clean it. To make sure they are cleansing thoroughly and starting the detox off right, educate them about the power of double-cleansing. Simply put, double cleansing involves using two different types of cleansers, one right after each other. While cleansing their face twice in one sitting might seem a little obsessive, educate them on how vital it is to healthy skin.

Say goodbye to dry.

Next, remind them to exfoliate...and one of the best ways to give the skin a refreshed look is to use a peel...especially one that also promotes cell turnover. The right product will get rid of dead skin and build-up, and smooth and soften the skin’s texture...leaving only a radiant glow.

Time to de-puff.

Lack of sleep and too much partying are the culprits here. Their biggest victims? The eyes. Encourage getting back on a regular sleep schedule. (Did you know sleeping on your back prevents fluid collection around the face and eyes?) Then educate them on the power of a good eye cream...preferably one that is designed to condition the inflamed eye area. Look for something that features natural skincare ingredients such as sunflower oil, anise, and vitamin C.

Now that they have all the right info to get them on the road to post-holiday skin recovery, recommend a good moisturizer that focuses on skin healing and repair...something that will soothe redness and irritation. Also encourage a new exercise routine, healthy eating, and some beneficial detox water.