Waxing Questions? The Wax Queen Has Answers

2020 has turned your waxing business world upside down, and we get that you might have a few questions. Fortunately, the Wax Queen has all the answers you need to get your business and your skills on track for a successful new year.


Q. How do I correctly add wax so I can work all day long?

A. Start by making sure your wax stays warm all day long. I always recommend plugging the warmer into an appliance timer, so it’s turned on an hour before you need it and off an hour after you are done. This helps ensure your wax is perfect all day long without having to think about it. As a reminder, NEVER stir your hard wax. Maintaining the proper temperature is critical to successful waxes, so there must be a hard center. Instead, always work from the outside of your warmer. To add wax throughout the day, scoop the beads into one side of the warmer and fold the hard center over the beads, working from the other side.


Q. Is it safe to wax a tattoo?

A. Yes. It is definitely safe to wax over a tattoo. Always prepare the skin before any waxing treatment with oil. Then just wax the way you normally would, keeping a thin layer of wax on the skin. Using your strips, work to remove the hair while keeping those tattoos beautiful and hair-free.


Q. What’s the best way to wax legs?

A. While you might hate waxing legs, there is an easier way to do it. Start with Berodin Aqua gentle soft wax and prep with a little bit of Jasmine Oil. Beginning with the back of the legs, I use a couple of larger plastic spatulas, rotating them between the cleaning solution as I go. Starting with a lot of wax, keep the spatula at a 90-degree angle the entire time while wiping the wax off on the legs. Then grab your strips and start from the ankle, working your way up. Once the back is done, have your client flip over and hold their leg at the ankle and add the wax. The client should be relaxed in your hand as you apply wax, don’t let them help you. Using your strips (I usually only need two per side), work your way up the leg quickly, checking on our client as you go. Once you are done, massage in a generous amount of oil, then taking a strip and rubbing it on the legs to remove any excess wax and oil.


Q. What’s the correct temperature for hard and soft wax?

A. If you are using the Berodin Big Double Basin Warmer, both soft and hard wax should be set at a little under 45 degrees (although you should adjust a little based on your treatment room temperature). With hard wax, you always need a hard center, never stirring. You’ll know it’s the correct temperature when it’s so thick it is easy to keep on the spatula. With soft wax, feel free to stir away, but it should never be runny. If you turn the spatula over and the dripping stops, you know the soft wax is ready to use.