5 Reasons We Love The Mini Deep Pore Cleansing Duos

Last month we wrote about how to talk to your clients about the way they wash their face­­––introducing the benefits of double cleansing and giving tips on selling those benefits. The reality is, double cleansing is definitely changing the way we all should wash our face. But if you have some clients that still aren’t convinced, let us help by counting the ways we love our best-selling Deep Pore Cleansing Duos, especially when they come in this adorable little mini size.



It’s a fact. Nothing gets skin clean like double cleansing. Designed to get ALL the dirt, grime, sweat, and old skin cells, it just takes two minutes to not only clean but gently exfoliate. Step one uses a deep pore cleansing oil which bonds with the natural oils in the skin to wash away makeup and bacteria. Step two incorporates an herbal toner that exfoliates and gets in deep to remove any impurities.


Seeing is believing. Find ways to demonstrate to your clients how double cleansing is a skincare game changer. Before and after photos, client testimonials, use your Instagram, etc. Whatever it takes to give them the proof they need that double cleansing gets results and will help them slay their skincare goals. Pesky breakouts will diminish, and their skin will look bright, firm, and healthy. You know…and we know…the visual benefits of double cleansing are totally worth it. Make sure you can show your clients too.


Little effort, maximum results. Make sure you are educating your clients about how a little extra step can go a long way. Double cleansing gets in there so deep, it can actually make their other skincare products work better. From removing impurities that cause aging or acne, to gently dissolving trapped sebum, double cleansing leaves their face ready for what’s next. These little guys will help them work smarter, not harder.


Bigger is not necessarily better. In the number two spot of the top five reasons these Mini Deep Pore Cleansing Duos have us swooning is because they are just that: mini. So many benefits in these little bottles. Travel: They’ll never have to go without their double cleanser even when they hit the road. Trial: The Mini’s are a great way to have them try double cleansing without the investment of full-sized bottles. If they aren’t sure which formula is best for their skin type, take them through a skincare analysis to help determine their skin type.


And the number one reason we love the Mini Deep Pore Cleansing Duos and your clients should too? Nothing will care for their skin in the short and long run better. Simply put, this is how they bring their skin back to life. Power-packed with botanicals, they are all-natural and vegan–no harsh chemicals here. These formulas are full of high quality, plant-powered extracts that feed their skin from the outside in. What’s not to love right?