The Power of Two: Why a Soft & Hard Wax is All You Need

Who needs the rest when you’ve got the best in your wax treatment room. As wax professionals, you know that it’s not about one type of wax over another, but more importantly when to use each. Read and discover why hard and soft wax make for the only treatment room combo you need—consistently working smarter for you, not harder.


Tried and True: Hard Wax

When it comes to gentle care in sensitive spots like the face, bikini line, or underarms, just think of hard wax as your ride-or-die. No strips needed – this hero wax snags hair without sticking to the skin, making for a more comfortable wax treatment. Hard wax is also excellent for grabbing shorter hair, eliminating the need to wax the same area twice. And it's cost-effective and a breeze to clean up, leaving no sticky residue behind. When combined with proper at home pre and post-wax care your clients will walk away with a good wax experience without common issues such as ingrown hairs, bumps and skin irritations.


Quick, Clean, Cost-Effective: Soft Wax

Our soft wax offers a mild, skin-friendly approach, heated to a low temperature for a gentle waxing experience. Applied in a thin layer and removed with a cloth strip, it ensures clean and efficient results without any drips or stickiness, ideal for speed waxing. Soft wax adheres to the skin well, making it perfect for less sensitive areas and is  cost effective for larger areas of the body such as legs, arms, chest and back because the wax application is so thin. Plus, its low-temperature is safer for the skin and eliminates any burning. 


What could make your wax room even better than two of the best waxes around that do it all? How about the Berodin Big Double Basin Warmer. This heavy-duty professional warmer has one side that holds a traditional 14-ounce size tin of wax and has a second basin that holds almost four pounds of hard wax. At the core, the strong, super-fast heating element is reliable and consistent when heating your wax. It’s the workhorse you need to heat your wax powerhouses all day long.