Top TikTok Wax Trends Gone Wrong

Just because something’s gone viral on TikTok doesn’t mean you should do it. From the Full-Face Hot Wax challenge to waxing those nose hairs, we’re here to say without a doubt, do NOT try these wax trends at home. 


Full-Face Hot Wax Challenge

Skincare professionals everywhere are cautioning against the TikTok Full-Face Hot Wax Challenge. Covering the entire face, ears and neck with thick, hot wax before being removed, skincare experts say waxing the inside of your nose and ears is not recommended at home because of the delicate skin and blood vessels that sit close to the surface. Not to mention this full-face wax raises concerns about difficulty breathing since the nose and mouth are covered with only cotton swabs used to create air passages. Other concerns include lack of any control when smothering the face with wax, the amount of wax being used, and that it will harden too much and be difficult to remove. Some even warn the wax could harden in airways and have to be surgically removed. The temperature of the wax is also a concern—too hot and you could burn or rip the skin during removal. Finally, without proper pre-or post-wax care, the face could end up with bumps and breakouts.

Instead, leave full-face waxing to the professionals. Not only will they use proper technique and wax temperature, but they’ll also follow the correct steps for post-care that will leave your face smooth and glowing.


Nose Wax Trend

Videos of family members sitting around a table and pulling out wax covered Q-Tips from their noses may be funny to watch, but skincare experts say it’s not how you should ever wax those pesky nose hairs. While there is something satisfying about super-smooth nostrils, it’s important to remember that our nose hairs actually serve a purpose. Designed to filter the air that we breath, they act as a filter to block out larger particles of debris and play an important role in respiratory protection. So why shouldn’t you try this DIY TikTok wax trend? The nose is a prime spot for bacteria in the body, and if done incorrectly, can lead to not only removal of hairs, but also of some skin. This creates open wounds that can easily become infected by bacteria living in your nose.

If you do want to wax your nose hair, this is definitely one for the pros. They are trained to both apply and remove wax properly without damaging the skin, and in pre-and post-wax care for this delicate area.


Other Wax Fails

From using the wrong type of wax (hard vs. soft), to the wrong temperature and technique, TikTok is full of DIY waxing fails. That’s why it’s important to always do your homework and whenever possible leave the waxing to the professionals. It will be much better for your skin in the end, offering a safer, more reliable and longer lasting result. Waxing is a delicate procedure that requires skill and practice, and your skin will glow thanks to the use of high-grade professional products.