Top Waxing Myths Debunked

We like to keep it real, so let’s just get right to the point tell it like it is yes, there are a lot of opinions, rumors, and myths out there that can make the decision to start waxing…or keep waxing…a difficult one. But as passionate believers in the benefits of regular waxing, The Wax Queen is here to debunk all those myths and set the record straight. Here are a few that we know as wax professionals you get asked all the time and are on most of your customer’s minds. Clearing things up will help you provide a better service, and your clients feel more confident in their wax treatments.

Does it hurt?

The first time, yes. While everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, the first time is always the worst. Why? Well for starters it’s shocking to have previously unwaxed hair pulled out by the root. But the fact is if clients come in every four weeks (and we mean every four weeks), that first time is the most hair per square inch they will ever have pulled out. So, if they are concerned about pain, tell them to make waxing a regular part of their skincare routine…a consistent four-week schedule is the key to a less painful experience.

Will it grow back thicker, stronger, darker?

Well if this was true, every bald man on the planet would be doing it. We know it seems like waxing would cause hair to grow back thicker, stronger, and darker, but the reality is it’s just not true. While shaving breaks off the hair at the surface, waxing pulls it from the root, progressively debilitating the follicle. Truth? The more you wax, the sparser your hair will grow.

You can wax whenever you want.

This is absolutely false. The key to a successful (and less painful) wax experience is regular appointments every four weeks. A good rule of thumb for clients is to remind them to let their hair grow for three weeks after shaving and then four weeks after waxing before a service. This hair growth, while it can feel uncomfortable (but it’s ok, it’s worth it), allows the growth on the outside to mirror the growth under the skin, creating a smoother, less breakout prone wax.

Other waxing myths? Waxing won’t cause wrinkles or sagging skin since the skin is held tight, you can get a wax if pregnant or on your period, and waxing will keep the skin hair-free for weeks at a time. Any other questions?