Want To Know The Secret To The Perfect Wax?

It’s probably your worst nightmare––your too hot wax has now ripped the you know what out of your client’s skin, or it’s not hot enough and their skin becomes bruised. Suddenly you both have learned a painful lesson––wax temperature matters. While heat is essential to properly adhere to the skin, and prevent bacteria growth, it’s a delicate balance between too much and too little. It’s also important to remember that not all waxes are created equal when it comes to temperature, so it’s important to know when to bring the heat, and why temperature is important for you, your wax, and your clients.

It All Starts with the Warmer

Yes, we are biased, but the Berodin Big Double Basin Warmer is the best on the market. This heavy-duty professional warmer has one side that holds a traditional 14- ounce size tin of wax and has a second basin that holds almost four pounds of hard wax. At the core, the strong, super-fast heating element, is reliable and consistent when heating your wax. It’s the workhorse you need day in and day out.

Temperature Matters

Just like knowing when to use hard or soft wax, you also need to know the proper temperature for each. Use the larger basin of your Double Basin Warmer for your hard wax and set the temperature gauge to 30 degrees. When using soft wax in the smaller basin, set the temp to 45 degrees. Room temperature can affect the heat, so adjust accordingly. Here’s a Wax Queen tip: when using Berodin Blue, you’ll know you have the right temp when you can pick up the wax and ball it up on your spatula. If it runs off it, then the wax is too hot. And don’t underestimate the power of the right waxing accessories. Having the best accessories in your wax room can better your technique, increase your wax speed, and create an overall better experience for your clients.